Lynda is a strategic, logistical, and creative executive producer who excels at working with clients and supervising projects with complex structures. She has a 35-year track record of delivering exceptional live  and broadcast experiences, managing projects, and facilitating deliverables.

Her core competencies include team leadership, collaboration, client management and budget planning. As well as the production of intellectual & physical deliverables, experiential activations, meeting content, show flows, entertainment, presentations, screen content, and content capture, Lynda is able to:

  • Lead pre-planning and on-site efforts while managing clients and partners in order to reach major milestones and handle the execution processes of deliverables
  • Develop, plan, and execute event-based marketing programs to drive awareness, generate brand excitement, meet marketing goals, and execute exceptional projects. Produce & Facilitate virtual content driven experiences such as webinars, e-learning, conferences and meetings
  • Produce & facilitate virtual content driven experiences such as webinars, e-learning and meetings.
  • Conduct post-event analysis, report findings, and make recommendations to clients for continued improvement and development

She combines superior insights with leadership, financial acumen, and collaborative skills to manage both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) projects in numerous areas. The projects she handles involve the following:

  • Integrated Video, Broadcast, Webcast, Digital, Social, Virtual and Live Experiences
  • Global and Multi-Location Events
  • Virtual webinars, meetings and conferences
  • Experiential Activations
  • Business Presentations
  • Brand/Product Integrations
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Entertainment and Award Events
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows
  • Media Events, Press Presentations, and Product Launches
  • Summits and Conferences
  • Value-Added Sponsorship Activations